Safety, precision, and patience are all necessary in jewelry repair. Our talented shop stands ready to take care of your repair needs as they arise. We are fully capable of taking care of repairs such as:

Sizing, prong re-tipping, stone re-setting, center stone tightening, clasp replacements, rhodium plating, etc.

We know your jewelry is precious to you, we are always happy to take a look so you may enjoy your pieces for years to come.


Simple Pricing, A Quick Look

(Keep in mind, no pricing online for repairs is final until the item is inspected by our professionals.)

Rhodium Plating of Rings: Minimum $75.00/ring

Tightening Center Stone: Minimum $25.00

Replacing 14kt Gold Clasps: Minimum $75.00

Re-Sizing Rings is based upon various factors, and we can only give an accurate quote upon seeing the piece.