White and Rose Gold Pink Marquise Diamond Halo Ring, 18KT

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Pink Marquise Diamond Ring with Unique Diamond Accents

This exquisite ring design showcases a magnificent natural pink marquise-cut diamond at its center. We chose this precious gem carefully for its stunning color and elegant marquise cut. Adorning its sides are impeccable white diamonds. The special cut of white diamonds adds an artistic touch, Setting it apart from the distinctive designs found in Chicago.

Surrounding this ensemble of marquise and pentagonal diamonds are natural round brilliant-cut pink and white diamonds. Their brilliance and fire contribute to the ring's overall allure, creating a breathtaking composition of color and sparkle.

This ring boasts an impressive total diamond carat weight, adding a substantial and luxurious feel to the piece. The careful selection of diamonds, expert craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail create an outstanding masterpiece. This ring embodies the art of skilled craftsmanship in Chicago's jewelry industry.

Fashioning a blend of 18kt White and Rose Gold, this exquisite creation emanates a captivating charm. It displays 56 round brilliant cut diamonds, 18 pink diamonds, and 2 white diamonds with five sides. Each of these white diamonds possesses an individual weight of .74 carats, carefully selected for their G-F color and SI clarity, ensuring an even and harmonious unit of weight.

A G.I.A. Certified Natural Pink Diamond with a marquise cut and a Blush Pink hue adorns this masterpiece. Careful weighing and skillful arrangement of each diamond creates a harmonious symphony, making this piece a true masterpiece.

Model Number: WBJCRF05317347

We're pleased to offer expedited international shipping for this Marquise engagement ring. Should this piece ignite a creative spark for a custom design piece , don't hesitate to get in touch. We're committed to working closely with you to transform your vision into a stunning reality.

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Marquise Diamond Cut Process

The Marquise cut's boat-like shape and pointed ends give it a reputation for elegance and uniqueness. This makes it highly valued. This cut requires a skilled diamond cutter for its precision and artistry, showcasing its full potential.

The process begins with the selection of a rough diamond that exhibits the right characteristics for a Marquise cut. The rough stone should have the appropriate shape, size, and clarity to maximize its potential yield. After identification, precise guidelines mark the diamond to direct the cutting process.

Next, a highly skilled diamond cutter uses a laser or saw to create the initial shape of the Marquise. In this step, the cutter follows marked guidelines to maintain the desired elongated shape with precision and finesse. Maintaining symmetry throughout this process is crucial, as any deviation can affect the overall appearance of the diamond.

After the initial shaping, the cutter moves on to the crucial facet work. This phase involves creating a series of V-shaped facets on both sides of the diamond. The cutter positions these facets to optimize the diamond's brilliance and fire.

Getting the right angles and proportions is crucial. They determine how light interacts with the diamond, creating its signature sparkle.

One of the most critical elements of the Marquise cut is achieving a balanced and symmetrical appearance. The two pointed ends should align precisely with each other, and the overall shape should exhibit a harmonious symmetry. Achieving this level of precision requires a masterful touch and an acute eye for detail.

Throughout the cutting process, the diamond cutter constantly evaluates the emerging Marquise for any imperfections. He makes adjustments to rectify the issue if identified any. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the final diamond meets the highest standards of quality.

The newly cut Marquise diamond undergoes a series of finishing touches. This may require polishing to add shine and cleaning to eliminate any remaining debris or marks from cutting. Finally, a stunning Marquise-cut diamond awaits setting into a beautiful piece of jewelry.