Koorosh Daneshgar

CEO | Chief Designer

Founder of Wedding Bands & Co.

     Koorosh Daneshgar is a master jewelry designer with three decades of professional experience in creating magnificent fine jewelry, and in that time has designed more than 10,000 unique pieces. His personal goal is to take his client’s stories and immortalize them in the ultimate symbols of love – their precious jewelry.


The founding of Wedding Bands & Co.



     Ever since his youth, Koorosh and his father would go out every Mother’s Day to get her something new. Whenever they would bring her any jewelry, she would light up with glee. He noticed that same happiness didn’t come from any other types of gifts, but when given Jewelry, she was as happy as she could be. It was then Koorosh decided that he wanted to become a jeweler. That’s where he realized he had a true passion in jewelry, is seeing her absolute joy, and desiring nothing more than recreating that happiness in the jewelry that he made.

     Upon finishing jeweler’s school, his capstone project was to create and design a ring, and he did it for his mother. It was one of the proudest moments of his life seeing the absolute joy and happiness upon her face.

     In 1999, when Koorosh Daneshgar formed Wedding Bands & Co., he aspired for success, so he could support his young family by making fine jewelry in his small bench stop in the world-renowned Mallers Jeweler’s Center in Chicago, Illinois. He quickly achieved the success he was striving for, serving all distribution levels of the jewelry trade. He is self-taught and driven by his passion for jewelry, love for his family, and drive to succeed.

     Since the year it was founded, Wedding Bands & Co. has moved to larger quarters, expanding 3 times, finally settling in the epicenter of the Midwest jewelry trade – Jeweler’s Row, at the corner of Wabash and Madison. Today, Wedding Bands & Co is located at 43 E Oak St. fl 2, Chicago IL 60611, mere steps from Millennium Park. It is one of the largest diamond stores and service jewelers in the loop with a spacious fine jewelry showroom, executive offices, design department, a diamond library, and fully equipped casting, finishing, and gemstone setting facilities; making Wedding Bands & Co. a one-stop shop for fine jewelry.

     One by one, Koorosh Daneshgar, the CEO, Founder, and Master Designer of Wedding Bands & Co. has recruited his gifted team of jewelry artisans and gemologists. Our skilled staff stands ready to help you along your road to finding the perfect engagement rings, wedding bands, and forever jewelry, ensuring that each and every client has an unmatched jewelry experience.



Design Chief

In his own words..

     From the beginning, I have been surrounded by beauty and artwork. I am from the artistically inspired city of Isfahan, a place that many artists and artisans call home and is considered the center for the arts in Iran.

     I had the great opportunity to start my career as an apprentice to a master jeweler when I was 17 years old. I learned many techniques during my apprenticeship, but more than anything, I wanted to take my future into my own hands. In a few short years, I started my own business and ventured forth on a journey of learning that I am still walking down even today. I have always considered myself ahead of the curve with learning new technology like CAD (Even before our competitors), but also by staying true to what I love – The artistry of design.

     My passion for jewelry started with I was a little boy and my father would take me shopping for my mother for Mother’s Day. I vividly remember that when he bought her a special piece of jewelry her eyes would just light up. That excitement is something I strive to provide all of my customer by creating the perfect engagement ring. I've been in the business for 20 years, so I understand what it is to really educate my customers on stones and settings and how to nurture their vision of what they want to produce in a ring. With every customer I personally sit down and discuss not only the significant other the ring is for, but also what inspires the buyer and what the buyer wants to say with this ring. I sketch out some designs, then we look at stones. I have one of the best stone inventories in the area and if I don't have it, I can get it and at a great price. After the stone is picked and the design is perfected, I will create a wax model that is a replica of the ring. You can come in and view it, we can make changes if necessary. Once the wax is approved, we cast the ring with the best precious metal there is. It is very important to me that you, the customer is involved in every step.

     I love to create all types of jewelry, but my specialty has always been engagement rings. I am deeply honored that I can be part of the creation process for each one, as each design is special to me. Recently, however, it struck home at a very personal level, as I designed the engagement ring for Sandra, the woman I love, who has since said yes and become my beloved wife. That experience encapsulated everything that is important to me, both professionally and personally, and filled me with gratitude for the work that I am privileged to do every single day.

     When I design, I think very carefully about what this ring will symbolize. It must be beautiful, comfortable, and meaningful enough to be part of my client’s life, to have a meaning that will last a lifetime. I am proud, humbled, and exhilarated by this trust and this challenge. It is easily the best part of my job.


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