Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The Color of Your Love

Using gold is consistent with alloying it with other metals, usually nickel, copper, zink, and silver. Rose Gold has its color from the combination of pure gold and Copper. The more copper we use, the redder it gets.

In the 19th century, rose gold jewelry first grew famous among women. Today both men and women demand it because it comes with different styles and settings.

Usually, our clients ask us the difference between gold and platinum. Though they are even being beautiful and precious, gold is more affordable. Everything being equal because platinum’s density is more than gold, its price goes higher. So for two rings of the same size, jewelers should use more platinum than gold. 

However, among white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, most people go for the pinkish colored jewelry. Being in trend for many years is the first reason for this high demand. 

If you want to surprise your love with a proposal and a rose gold engagement ring, or you want to give her a rose gold promise ring, you need to review the pros and cons of this romantic piece. 

Because of its special red hue, the rose gold engagement ring goes with almost every skin tone. Being more affordable provides you with the chance to focus more on the gemstone. In Wedding Bands & Co, we offer rose gold morganite, rose gold diamond ring, and three-stone setting.

It is durable and because of the copper is it tougher than yellow and white gold. The only cons this precious metal has is the tiny chance of being allergic to it.

 Due to its pinkish-red color, it is considered as the most romantic ring for lovers. 

Not special enough? Have a customized engagement ring with the help of our chief designer, Koroosh Daneshgar. We will assist you from designing the setting and shank, to finding the perfect diamond or gemstone. We take our responsibility seriously and are honored to be part of your romantic story. 

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