Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The Warmth of Yellow Gold 

The choice between Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold is rather a personal preference. Some couples like the warmth of Yellow Gold, some like the Romantic feeling of Rose Gold, and others like the coolness of White Gold. 

Due to its being the first metal used for making jewelry, Yellow Gold is the most traditional choice for engagement rings. Yellow Gold has no limitation in settings and diamonds. Our Chief Designer, Koorosh Daneshgar, will hear your ideas and will sketch them on paper. He will help you to find whether you like vintage style or solitaire, princess cut diamond or halo, pave diamonds or three-stones. 

After the sketching, our team of experts will come to work and after approximately 70 hours, you’ll have the ring you dreamed about.

 In all the steps we will keep you in the loop. All of our services are done in-house. This provides you with the chance to observe every step we take. 

Here, in Wedding Bands Company, we can provide you with Solitaire, Vintage, Halo, Half and Double Halo settings. For the center diamond morganite, colorless diamond, white, blue and London topaz, and the most special one Onyx gemstone are your choices. We also have both 14 Karat and 18 Karat Gold Diamond Engagement Rings.

You always have the chance of having an engagement ring special to you and your characteristics. Have a customized yellow gold engagement ring and celebrate your love.