Tantalum Wedding Rings



Tantalum is one of the newest alternative metals in the jewelry market. Tantalum is a rare 100% pure metal that is known for its high level of corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility (hypoallergenic qualities), and its durability. 

Occurring naturally, Tantalum is number 73 on the periodic table of elements (abbreviated by Ta) and was discovered in 1803. Tantalum eventually found application in weapon production (rocket nozzles and nuclear warheads), electronic production (electronic components and guidance systems), and surgical implants. The corrosion resistance of Tantalum is due to inert status, making it non-reactive to most elements, causing it to resist corrosion from water, air, and even most acids. 

Tantalum is matched in durability only by cobalt and Damascus steel and outperforms tungsten in durability tests. These tantalum wedding rings are modern and fit any style.