Solitaire Engagement Rings

One ring that will stay in trend for generations is the Solitaire Diamond Ring. In the great city of Chicago, visit us. Our expert jeweler will customize your favorite setting for your ever-lasting love.

Solitaire comes with many cuts, gemstones, and shanks. You can have Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring or Cushion Cut which are classy and chic styles. Emerald-Cut gives you the chance to have the most luminous glow on your finger. Oval Solitaire can be a good choice if you have slender fingers. 

For gemstones, you should have in mind that you have only one diamond on your ring, so you have to choose it wisely. Do you want it to be a colorless diamond or a Gemstone? Choose a colorless diamond if you don’t want to risk it. This way you only have to choose the shape of it. Gemstones on the other hand, usually come in five colors. Besides that, there are several different gemstones like Morganite Solitaire Rings, Sapphire Ring, Blue Topaz, etc. 

Shank or setting is the easiest part. What is your favorite? Rose Gold or White Gold? Do you like Cathedral Rings, Bypass Rings, Modern, or Split Shanks? 

Can’t make up your mind? Have a meeting with our Chief Designer, Koorosh Daneshgar, visit his collection of engagement rings on jewelers row Chicago, and try on each ring you find appealing. Customize it and have the perfect ring for your proposal.