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“At Wedding Bands & Co. we believe marriage is too important for ordinary jewelry”
[Koorosh Daneshgar (CEO/Chief Designer)]


        If you are in love, you have probably illustrated your dream engagement ring in your mind adorn with several shining diamonds.You have shopped, read, searched, and even slipped some on your finger. Many have been lovely, but none have been the perfect one. You need an engagement ring to fit perfectly on your finger, to remind you of the beauty of your love, and to wear for the rest of your life.


        Wedding Bands & Company, founded by Koorosh Daneshgar, is placed in the heart of our lovely home, Chicago. Here we help you to commemorate the most important moments of your life, using jewelry creation methods. We combine the procedure of the old-world artistry (inspiration, heart, talent, and taste) and 21st-century style (flexibility, precision, quality, and speed). We understand the commitment you are making, and we strive to seek the best value for your ring.


        It is safe to say that you will have a spectacular experience with joining our extended family, a relationship that will last even after your ring is complete.




How It Works

Step 1- Make an appointment with us! Get to know our CEO/Chief Designer, Koorosh Daneshgar and assist him in sketching/designing your perfect ring.

        If you have already sketched your dream engagement ring or you've clicked, saved, bookmarked, pinned, or taken pictures from it, bring them along. We'll talk over your taste in gemstones and precious metals. Even If you have your gemstone(s), bring them so that Koorosh's design displays your stone(s) to their best advantage. But if you do not, you will find a world of diamonds and gemstones here to choose from. 

       We would be happy to guide you through the specifics of finding the perfect stones. We'll discuss your budgets, schedules, and ideas for other jewelry pieces, the kind of work you do with your hands, and other personal details. 

        Koorosh is imaginative, intuitive, and inspired. He's passionate about perfection and shares your goal: creating unique and one of a kind engagement rings. To begin the creative process, tell him your thoughts, dreams, and your taste. Then, as artists have done for centuries, Koorosh picks up his pencil and begins converting your dreams into his preliminary sketching. He shows you his sketching, you modify it, and this exciting, fun, and enjoyable process would go on until you are completely satisfied with it. custom-design-engagement-rings-precious-metals-jewelry-pieces-cad-diamond-district.jpg

        Through his 30 years of experience, Koorosh has honed his talents, proving his capability of deriving inspiration almost immediately. Most rings can be designed quickly, while some require more time (70 to 100 hours) to ensure all desired details are maintained. In the end, you’ll have a moment of indulgence when you look at a hand-drawn sketch of your dream-ring-come-true, a work of art that is yours alone.





Step 2- Select your perfect diamond 

        Your perfect ring deserves the perfect center stone. From diamonds to sapphires, and every stone in between, we have thousands of stones at our disposal. We will advise you to explore our broad resource to place a stone that makes your eyes sparkle. You can review our selection of conflict-free diamonds and find the right one. We specialize in diamonds that are graded by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s foremost diamond grading laboratory. They established the 4 C’s of diamonds and have subsequently remained at the forefront of diamond grading technology. Together, we will find a stone as unique as the ring it is destined for.


Step 3- Bring Your Dream Ring to Life 

         After you approve the sketch, it’s time for our 21st-century technology to step in. Our talented computer artists start inputting every graceful feature, delicate detail, and subtle nuance of your custom ring into our state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design) jewelry designing software. Once the custom design is accomplished, this astonishing software generates a photo-realistic rendering. Your design, your choice of precious metals, and your gemstones will appear exactly like a real-life photograph of your finished ring. Koorosh will then email that render to you. If you have suggestions it is recommended to adjust them at this point. We will repeat this process until you are compensated with the appearance, and then we will continue the journey. 

        Your ring’s design is then sent to our HR Envision 3D Printer, which generates an exact 3D model of your engagement ring using a photopolymer resin. This process replaces the tedious hand-carved waxes that were required for centuries in fine jewelry’s “lost wax” casting process. At this time, we will invite you into the store to touch and feel the “wax” and ensure that your ring is perfect before we proceed further. We will not continue with the process until we get your express approval. 

Step 4- Create your dream ring from the ground up (The “lost wax” process”) 

        Your photopolymer “wax” is placed in a metal cylinder (called a "flask"), then encased in the finest grade plaster (called “investment”). When heated, the “wax” melts, leaving a perfect negative “mold” allowing the metal of your choice to be poured in. The metal is then melted in a crucible, reaching temperatures up to 1900° Fahrenheit, before being poured into the mold filling up the negative space creating positive replication of the ring. The plaster investment is cracked open, revealing the “roughcast” of the ring. Due to the investment mold being broken, that mold can never be used again, ensuring that you have a one-of-a-kind ring. The casting is then given to a seasoned jewelry artisan for completion of the ring. Painstaking inspection, under magnification, seeks out and corrects any defects that would be invisible to the naked eye. If any defects are found, measures are taken to ensure that the ring is not at risk, assuring that the ring is perfect. All diamonds/gemstones are hand-set with care, intense focus, and exquisite attention to detail, ensuring stone security and longevity. Each piece is then polished by hand and machine, to dazzling perfection. 


Step 5- The most important step 

        No ring design is completed until the ring finds its home.  The ring, made just for you, has to be tried on to ensure that it fits and is perfectly designed.  We want to hear your thoughts, see your reaction, and ensure that we did our job entirely. You’ll look at your dream-ring-come-true on your hand.  You’ll know just like the love it represents, it will be yours and yours alone, forever!



Let’s Review! How to Create and Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring 
  • Have inspirations

  • Start at least two weeks ahead

  • Book a meeting with our designer and sketch the initial design

  • Choose the metal 

  • Choose your diamond/gemstone 

  • Decide on cuts and settings 

  • Think about your wedding band

  • Wait for the technology to do its works

  • Adjust probable changes 

  • And then see the Perfection!




Will You Make a Promise to Us, Too? 

We’d like to see you and your ring again. We’d like to check the integrity of the setting of your stones to ensure proper stone security.  While you are in, allow us to give your ring a professional cleaning to ensure that your diamond remains as beautiful and sparkling as it was the day you said, “Yes!” 

We ask you to bring the ring twice a year for cleaning and inspection. We also offer complimentary polishing and rhodium plating for white/gold rings once a year to ensure that the metal also stays at its best.  Rings that are cleaned and inspected regularly not only look better, but they also have a significantly longer life with fewer complications.


WEDDING BANDS COMPANY can use this dazzling Custom Jewelry-Making method to fulfill all your Marriage-Jewelry dreams: 

- Custom engagement rings & wedding bands

- Custom wedding gifts for one another 

- Custom jewelry design necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair ornaments for the Bride and much more... 

- Custom jewelry gifts for your bridal party (maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, ushers)

- Custom wedding mementos for your parents, wonderful jewelry favors for your guests

- Custom designed jewelry for all occasions


Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with one of our Jewelry Experts here in our Chicago showroom. During your appointment, we will combine your vision with our expertise to take the first steps in creating the piece of your dreams.