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Pear Diamond Engagement Ring| Wedding Bands & Co. Chicago


In the realm of fine jewelry, our pear halo engagement ring shines with charm and holds deep symbolic meaning. You can choose your radiant style with this stunning piece.

Available in White, Yellow, Rose Gold, or rare Platinum, the piece showcases a beautiful pear-cut diamond. This ring is more than just beautiful. Every small detail and specific choice, such as the carat weight and the grading of the diamond, carry a deep meaning. It's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's special and unique

Craftsmanship and Design:

This pear shaped diamond engagement ring features a carefully crafted halo setting at its center. It has 28 round gemstones that shine brilliantly with a G-H color grade. The arrangement of these gems not only makes the ring look nice but also symbolizes the strong and united bonds couples treasure.

The pavé design on the ring symbolizes strength and unity. Each tiny gem, arranged neatly to create a shining surface, represents the deep connection woven into couples' existence.

Symbolism of Metal Leaf Motifs:

Delving further into the artistic narrative, the ring's design incorporates four metal leaf motifs on each side. Beyond their ornamental charm, these motifs hold profound significance, paying homage to the wearer's growth and resilience. These motifs, like tree leaves enduring seasons, serve as a reminder of the wearer's journey. They symbolize resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Wearing this pear shaped diamond ring transcends the notion of simple adornment. It turns into a charm, reminding the wearer that they have both outer beauty and inner strength, much like a blooming flower. This ring represents the wearer's ability to overcome challenges and become even more beautiful.

Individuality and Uniqueness:

The Gemstone Halo Ring is special due to its unique design and the message it carries. The ring signifies that each wearer is a graceful masterpiece. Choosing from various metals, like the rare and luxurious Platinum depends on your personal style and preferences.

You can choose White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Platinum for your pear cut engagement ring. It's a way to express yourself. Each choice is unique and personalized to match the wearer's individual style and personality through a customized process.

The Halo Setting: A Symbol of Radiance and Brilliance:

Central to the ring's design is the halo setting, a timeless and enduring symbol of radiance. The gemstones around the center make it shine more and represent the lasting glow of the person wearing it. Each facet of the gemstone reflects and refracts light, creating a dazzling display that mirrors the wearer's inner brightness.

The choice of G-H color grade gemstones further enhances the overall brilliance of the pear shaped ring. This specific color grade makes sure the gemstones look almost colorless, letting the center pure radiance stand out.

The Pavé Design: A Metaphor for Strength and Unity:

Going past the main halo, the ring's band has a pavé design that adds a symbolic touch to its overall look. The word "pavé," from French, means paved or cobblestoned. In this design, we closely set small gemstones to cover the entire surface, creating a continuous and unbroken sparkle.

The seamless arrangement of these tiny gemstones symbolizes the connection of life's moments. It highlights the power of being together, where individual pieces come together to create a beautiful and smooth whole.

Metal Leaf Motifs: A Tribute to Growth and Resilience:

Adding metal leaf motifs on both sides of this pear engagement ring gives its design extra layer of significance. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these motifs pay homage to the wearer's journey of growth and resilience. Choosing between the warmth of Gold or the cool elegance of Platinum visually tells the wearer's unique story.

A Blossoming Flower: A Metaphor for Personal Growth:

The thoughtfully made design, from the shining halo to the meaningful pavé band and metal leaf details, creates a clear image of a blooming flower. The ring reminds us that, just like a fully bloomed flower, the wearer has faced challenges, grown, and become a strong and unique person.


In summary, this pear-shaped engagement ring goes beyond regular jewelry, telling a story of individuality, strength, and growth.

Picking this ring means more than getting pretty jewelry. It shows your unique style, strength, and inner glow. When someone wears this beautiful piece, it reminds them of their special journey. This reminder is shown through the growing leaves and shiny gemstones.

It becomes more than an accessory; it becomes a cherished emblem of grace, fortitude, and the beauty found within.


Metal: available in 14K / 18K White Gold, 14K / 18K Yellow Gold, 14K / 18K Rose Gold, Platinum

Setting: Halo, Vintage, Pavé

ACCENT GEMSTONES (included in price)

shape: Round

number: 28

Min. carat total weight: 0.23

Average Color : G – H

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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

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