How Can I Make My Diamonds Look Bigger?

How Can I Make My Diamonds Look Bigger?

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on May 9th 2020

How can I make my diamonds look bigger? |15 Expert TipsHow can I make my diamond look bigger? |15 Expert Tips

To buy a diamond ring you need to know that you don't necessarily have to buy an expensive engagement ring to make the precious stone look bigger. In this article, we will let you in on fifteen practical tips that will help you to make your precious stone look bigger, even with a limited budget.

How can I make my diamond look bigger?

  • Thin, bright and shiny metal band
  • Fewer prongs
  • Slender prongs
  • Excellent Diamond cut
  • Stay strict in cut and carat, but flexible in color and clarity
  • Halo setting
  • Cluster setting
  • Bezel setting
  • Illusion setting
  • Cushion shape
  • The Marquise diamond
  • The elongated diamonds
  • Use fewer accessories to focus on the diamond ring
  • Clean your engagement ring regularly

Here we will suggest you fifteen different and important points that can bring you one step closer to your goal of making your diamond of your engagement ring look bigger.

Traditionally and generally, most women like to have an engagement ring with a bigger stone and most men want to be the one who fulfills this dream for their beloved. Regardless of tradition, you must be very careful about buying an engagement ring as it will be a memorable and romantic piece that your beloved will keep in front of their eyes for many years, so it must be a ring that deserves their eyes to show the extent of your love to your partner. You can manage your budget with knowledge and awareness, and instead of buying a big expensive gemstone, you can buy an elegant diamond that appears bigger too.

1- Thin bands give the illusion of a large diamond

The first trick to making a diamond look bigger is to choose a thinner ring band. Note, that sometimes a thicker band might overshadow the stone, therefore it does not appear large enough, but the diamond that is at the center of a thin and slim band appears larger and looks bigger.

Before choosing the engagement ring, you should also consider your lover's fingers and see if a thin band is suitable for their fingers or not.

2- Bright and shiny metal band can make the diamond look bigger

Some jewelers believe that a bright and shiny metal band can act as a mirror and reflect the sparkle of the diamond better. The bright shiny band can give the illusion of the bigger gemstone by increasing the diamond's brilliance. You should know that even with a limited budget you can find a diamond ring that looks expensive and big because the size of the stone is not only about its carat weight and some other factors like the brightness of the metal band affect the visual size of the diamond too.

3- Fewer prongs, bigger diamond

If a diamond is covered with a plethora of prongs, it cannot show its real size. If the engagement ring is covered with fewer prongs, then you will see more of the diamond surface which makes the stone look bigger. Another advantage of having fewer prongs is that more light can enter the diamond facets and reflect from the table facet to show more sparkle and brightness. Of course, prongs are tools to protect your precious stone. If your sweetheart is involved in a lot of physical activity in their daily life that may hit and damage the diamond ring, then an engagement ring with fewer prongs is not suitable for them.

4- Slender prongs – To make your diamond look bigger choose thin prongs

As mentioned above, it is better to use fewer prongs on a diamond ring... but what if it needed prongs to hold the diamond on the ring securely? In such circumstances, it is advisable to choose an engagement ring that has thin with delicate prongs. While the stone are secured in these rings, the slender prongs also create less of an overshadow on the diamond’s surface, which makes the diamond size larger.

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5- Excellent diamond-cut makes it look bigger

The diamond's cut is one of the most important factors in pricing a diamond. Excellent Diamond-cut can both make the diamond visually larger and also create the sparkle that it has an indirect effect on making the diamond look bigger. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) offers five levels to evaluating the diamond cut grade, these levels are: Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair and Poor. It is clear to see that the excellent grade is the best choice. If you pay attention to the cut, you may find two precious stone with the same carat diamond weight but with different appearances and prices. The main reason for this difference is the diamond cut. So it is better to spend the main part of your diamond ring budget to buy the best cut so that you will have both a beautiful diamond and a gemstone that looks bigger too.

Diamond cutting is a broad topic, and since it plays such an important role in your choice, I recommend you to read this article: What is the best diamond cut?

6- Stay strict in cut and carat weight, but flexible in color and clarity

The diamond's cut directly affects the size of the stone. The sparkle of a diamond depends on the cut too. On the other hand, carat weight plays a huge role in the size of the gemstone too. Therefore, these two factors should not be overlooked, but should always be considered as a priority in diamond selection.

If you want to manage your budget and also want to have a bigger diamond, you can be flexible about the color and clarity of the gemstone because these features have less of an impact on the visual size of the stone.

Although we have usually seen colorless diamonds as engagement rings, the reality is that the color variation of diamonds can double the beauty of a stone and make your engagement ring special and unique. You don't have to limit yourself to a particular color, check out the link below to see what a great variety of colors are existing between the world-famous diamonds. ( Famous Diamonds )

You can keep the diamond’s color and clarity at a good level instead of an excellent level but spend the majority of your budget for the diamond cut and carat weight that they have a direct effect on the size of the gemstone.

7- Halo setting to maximize the diamond size

A ‘Halo’ setting is a great technique to use to make your diamond appear bigger. In the halo setting, a center diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds. If the small stones and the central stone are on the same level of clarity and color, then the size of your stone will be as the size of the central stone, in addition to the halo diamonds, while its price would be far lower than a single stone with the same carat weight. The price of a diamond rises exponentially as its weight increases, so it is a more economical choice to choose a halo setting. It's interesting to know that the price of a 2-carat weight diamond is about 8 times more than a 1-carat diamond. So by choosing small diamonds for the halo setting, you can save more money for your marriage ceremony! Don't worry about choosing small stone for the halo setting, because your trustworthy jeweler can create beautiful artwork even with a range of diamonds in different colors.

If you are going to surprise your beloved with a halo setting engagement ring it is good to know two tips going in. First, you should select diamonds with more than 0.50-carat weight as the central stone to determine the difference between the center stone and the halo stones. If you choose a central diamond with less than 0.50-carat weight, then the halo stones will overshadow the small central stone.

The second tip is that the delicate prongs of the small halo diamonds are vulnerable to damage, so it is better to ask your jeweler to check the prongs routinely.

We’ve collected some important and frequent questions about halo settings in another article. if you want to learn more about this popular diamond engagement ring setting you can check this link: HaloEngagement Ring

8- Cluster set to enlarge the diamond size

Several diamonds with the same size are artistically arranged side by side in a cluster setting so that they look like a single stone. One of the benefits of a cluster setting is to maximize the sparkle of the diamonds and maximize the visual size of the stone. Another advantage of these settings is its lower price whereas if you wanted to have a single diamond with the same weight you might have to pay several times more. The third advantage of these adjustments is that more metal is used on the ring to hold the diamonds together, which can make your engagement ring more safeguarded. A good tip to keep in mind about cluster settings is to create the illusion of a single diamond it is better to use diamonds with the same color grade in a cluster.

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9- Bezel setting

The bezel setting is our next suggestion to make your gemstone look bigger. The central stone in the bezel setting is surrounded by a metal band. This metal band will provide better protection for the stone, and it can also make a visual error so the diamond of the engagement ring seems bigger than its real size. The bezel setting is commonly used in oval and round diamonds because it is difficult to make a bezel setting for other diamond shapes. If your partner is involved in a lot of daily physical activities, (so they may hit her engagement ring during work or day-to-day) then you might want to buy the Bezel setting diamond ring for her which can both protect the diamond from damage and also looks bigger.

10- Illusion setting

If your budget allows buying a smaller stone, don't worry because the illusion settings are specifically tailored for small diamonds. In this setting, jewelers make some ripples on the shiny metal and set the gemstone on it. The complex of shiny ripple metal with the diamond seems like a bigger single diamond.

You might say that with a limited budget, a simple engagement ring with other gemstones is better than a very small diamond ring. However, I must admit that diamonds are always the best gem for an engagement ring. Diamonds have unique chemical and physical properties that make them superior to other gemstones.

(This article explains in detail that why diamonds are better than other jewels. Why are diamonds the best gemstone for an engagement ring? ) So make the dream of having a diamond ring for your lover come true because you can make the small stone look bigger by the illusion setting.

Diamonds weighing less than 0.50 carat may not be impressive on their own, but with the illusion setting, they can shine as much as a big diamond shine.

It is important to note that if you want to use white metal then you have to choose an almost colorless diamond. On the other hand, if you want to use gold or rose gold metal you should know that a yellow diamond is suitable for those metal colors. The color contrast between the diamond and the metal can destroy the vision error, but with no color contrast, then you will have the vision error which causes the illusion of a bigger gemstone.

11- Cushion shape makes the diamond look bigger

If you are trying to make your diamond look bigger, you should find the kind of diamond cut and shape that makes your stone look wider. The cushion diamond cut, with its curved sides and round corners, makes the diamond look both wider and bigger so it stands to be one of the best choices for your engagement ring. We suggest the cushion cut rings to couples who like classic style.

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12- The Marquise diamond looks bigger

Choosing the best marquise diamond is another trick that creates the illusion of your stone looking bigger. The narrow of the marquise diamond are called wings. Very flat wings will make the stone look too thin, on the other hand, too rounded wings, make the diamond look small and short. If the wings are neither too rounded nor too flat, then the diamond surface will appear bigger. Trustworthy jewelers can help you to choose a marquise cut ring with the best wings that can make your diamond look larger than its real carat weight.

13- The elongated diamonds look wider

We suggest you look at the elongated shapes such as emerald or oval diamond rings to make the stone look bigger and wider. These diamond shapes have shallower cuts so they look bigger. Another reason that makes them wider is that the main part of their carat weight is extended on the surface, instead of beneath the surface. So if you compare an elongated diamond with a rounded diamond with the same carat weight, you will see that the elongated stone seems bigger.

Although rounded diamonds are one of the most popular shapes for engagement rings they are more expensive too. It might interest you to know that part of the carat weight of some rounded diamonds might be hiding under their surface. So if you want to manage your budget and buy a large precious stone, elongated diamonds offer more surface area for light performance and at a lower carat weight- which can be a good option for you.

If your lover's fingers are short, the elongated diamonds are the best choice because they both making your partner’s finger look longer and slander while making the stone look bigger.

14- Use fewer accessories to focus on the diamond ring

So far we have explored some tips that will help in your decision to buy a diamond ring that appears larger than its actual size. In this section, I want to share some of the tricks that can make the diamond look bigger even after buying the ring. When you have a diamond ring on your hand, no matter how big it is, the viewer's attention should focus on your engagement ring to make the precious stone look bigger. If the viewers distracted by other accessories, then they not only not care about the size of the diamond, but they may not even realize that you have a diamond ring on at all. You need to be very cautious about using jewelry next to the engagement ring. For example, it is better to wear the engagement ring on one hand and your wedding ring on the other (This simple trick will make your diamond look bigger). Another way to make your ring stand out is to avoid using dark nail polishes. If your nails are too long or are designed with dark nail polish, the viewers will focus on the nails instead of the sparkle and beauty of your engagement ring. To make the gemstone look bigger on your ring, you should put your ring at the center of attention.

15- Clean your engagement ring regularly

Although the cleanliness of a diamond does not have a direct effect on the size of the stone, one should not overlook the fact that a clean diamond will reflect the light more and the sparkle (making it look bigger!). To polish and clean your engagement ring, you can visit your jeweler routinely and make it look bigger.

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Does a bigger table make a diamond look bigger?

The top flat largest facet of the diamond is its 'Table Facet" and in excellent cut grade diamonds, the incoming lights will reflect from this facet. The larger diamond tables give the illusion of the bigger diamond. It is reasonable to expect that the diamond table size is directly related to the visual size because the bigger table can provide a more visible surface and reflected more light.

Does 4 prong or 6 prongs make the diamond look bigger?

A diamond with set with 4-prongs looks bigger than 6 prongs. Having 4-prongs around the diamond with equal spacing is thicker and heavier than 6-prongs. However, there is more space between 4-prongs so the light can enter the diamond and reflect from it better. The light performance in the diamond creates more sparkle, so the stone looks bigger.

On the other hand, the 6-prong settings are thinner as there are more prongs so they grab more space around the stone. The prongs will block the light from entering the diamond and make it harder to clean between 6 thin prongs. These two features, not only reduce the diamond's sparkle but make the stone look smaller.

In addition to making the diamond look bigger, the other advantage of the 4-prong setting is that it can be used even for small diamonds, while 6-prongs around the small diamond will cover it, and nothing is seen.

The disadvantage of 4-prongs is that it provides less security. The function of prongs is to hold the gemstone on the ring, if one of the prongs breaks, the diamond falls out and gets lost. While if you break one of the 6-prongs, the remaining 5 can still hold the stone in place.

Is carat weight the same as size?

The carat weight and size are two different features of the diamond. The carat refers to how much a diamond weighs while the size refers to the diamond dimensions. A high carat weighted diamond does not necessarily guarantee that the size of the diamond looks big too. For example, the main part of a diamond with high carat weight may be hidden beneath the diamond surface. Just because the diamond can look big, it is important to understand it may also have a small carat weight.

Which diamond cut sparkles the most?

The sparkle and brilliance of a diamond depend on the cut. and the excellent cut diamond brings out that genuine sparkle. An ideal cut should neither be deep nor shallow. Specialized Gemologists, by using years of experience, can determine the diamond cut grade from Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair and Poor according to GIA guidelines. That is clear that an excellent diamond cut can bring the best sparkle to a diamond .

Authentic jewelers can guarantee the diamond cut quality by presenting a diamond certificate. Although the diamond’s cut is an important factor in creating those diamond sparkles, other factors such as shape and clarity are also important. Check out the link below to see how to choose a sparkly diamond.

How to choose sparkly diamonds?

Why does my diamond look cloudy?

Low clarity grade

Dirty and unclean surface

Too much heat

The most important factor that causes cloudy diamonds, in most cases, is low clarity grade. The clarity grade is a natural property of a diamond that diamonds with low clarity degree will not be able to reflect the light then will seem cloudy.

In some cases, customers complain that their diamonds do not look as sparkly as the first time they saw it. Under these circumstances, the cause is usually found in the dirty and unclean diamond surface. To reduce this problem, you should keep the diamond clean by yourself or with the help of your jeweler.

Another thing that makes the diamond looks cloudy is too much heat that is used in repairing the diamond ring. If the jeweler has used too much heat for repair, the diamond may react with overheating and look cloudy. To solve this problem jeweler can polish the diamond's burned surface and eliminate the cloudy part.

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What setting makes a diamond look bigger?

Each of the following settings on the diamond ring can make the illusion of a bigger diamond.

Halo setting

Cluster setting

Bezel setting

Illusion setting

Invisible setting

Pavé setting

The elongated diamonds

Your expert jeweler can put the small pieces of diamonds together to form a single large diamond by using the settings that I mentioned above. These settings can make sort of an illusion with the sparkly diamond and make the precious stone look bigger while the cost is kept at a minimum.

How to make your engagement ring look bigger with a wedding band?

If you want to make your engagement ring look bigger, and still plan on wearing a wedding band you will have two options. The first option is to keep the engagement ring on the left hand and the wedding ring on the right. In this case, the wedding band will not overshadow your engagement ring so it seems bigger.

Another option is to ask a jeweler to make a set of the wedding band and your diamond ring together so that they look like a single ring. The wedding band's gem(s) can even complement the diamond of your engagement ring and create a bigger diamond illusion when together.

Why should I come to you to design my ring?

We involve you in every step of the process. At first, we will sit next to you and go over any concerns you have and any specific design elements you mind the ring to have. Once we have established exactly how you want the ring looks like, we will proceed with the design process. Once you see this design, if you want to make any change or if you have any questions or concerns we will be happy to address them for you. Our role is to help you to create the perfect ring and that means we will listen to you and make sure that your ring is indeed one of a kind.

We'll help you to design your dream engagement ring without stress and spending countless hours searching for your perfect ring. All you need to do is click on "Free Consultation" to get started.

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