Preset Engagement Rings

Have your choice of passion

 Here you can find a selection of our breathtaking  preset engagement rings. These rings were designed for the diverse taste of all who desire perfection. 

The ones who find the magic and amazement in a very delicate cushion cut diamond or the excitement of our lustrous  white topaz.

 We can see  those of you  who believe there is a sense of royalty in your fiance to be, and we know what you want, the green diamonds and yellow diamonds and of course the dramatically beautiful  emerald cut diamonds are meant for your chic taste. And if you are looking for some unique engagement rings, you will find only the most stunning sapphire rings you can find in Chicago jewelers.

You know your love is sweet and lasting once you receive a pink diamond and there is always a promise to the way our oval engagement ring designs are representing themselves, I should know. Just a quick look and there you can see what you have been looking for, the most shiny glamorous moissanite engagement ring, these are the ones you can't resist.

And if you still think the one to be is always ahead of your imagination and you need to surprise them with more than what you thought you could, we are so proud to represent you with the most special love hoop, the one and only our gorgeous onyx engagement ring in our Preset engagement ring collection.