Proposal Tips


     If you are still not sure exactly how to pop the question to your partner, here are some hints to help you along.

  • Think about what your partner would prefer: something private between just the two of you? Or maybe something on a larger scale that includes other people?


  • As for locations: Where did you meet? Is there something relevant to how you met? Or, do you have any memorable date locations? It does not necessarily have to be the first date spot, though that is perfectly romantic as well!


  • Your memories, inside jokes and quirky habits are all good places to draw ideas from.


  • What do you and your partner do for fun? Perhaps certain movies, music, TV shows, or art work will give you inspiration.


      Ultimately, it’s all about you and your partner, and you know your partner best. Ideas to make it memorable will come to you as you keep the previous suggestions in mind. Remember, this is a very memorable moment for you and them, so even if it is a simple proposal, you’re both sure to remember it forever.