Episode 1 - Choosing Her Diamond Engagement Ring

In this episode we want to introduce you to how to begin the process to finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner. We introduce you the many facets of engagement ring shopping; how to choose the design and figuring out what she likes, knowing what questions to ask, and figuring out how to budget.



Episode 2 - Friends And Family – Tradition In Proposing

In this episode, our Design Chief and our Diamond Experts will be speaking about the importance and the roles of family and friends when it comes to proposals.



Episode 3: Engagement Ring Styles and Diamond Shapes What's Best for Her?

 In this episode, we will be discussing different engagement ring styles and different diamond shapes, so the perfect style can be chosen for her. 



Episode 4 - Rose Gold, Platinum, White Gold - What is the Best Material for Her?

In this episode, we talk about the differences in Rose Gold, Platinum, and different Gold metals, and what would be best suited for the engagement ring for your significant other.



Episode 5 - Jewelry Store Near Me - District or Mall? 

In this episode, we want to talk about what places would be best for you to shop for your diamond engagement ring.



Episode 6 - Diamonds; Online Jewelry Store or Physical Jewelry Store 

In today's episode, we will be discussing the differences between the kind of service you would get between choosing an online jewelry store and a physical, brick-and-mortar jewelry store. Which option is better or more convenient for you?



Episode 7 - Custom Engagement Rings - Rings Inspired by Chicago Landmarks

Welcome to the Ring Master Podcast. In today's episode we would like to introduce you to some of the engagement rings we've created based on our hometown, Chicago, and the city icons we have within. 



Episode 8 - Custom Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Welcome to the Ring Master Podcast. In today's episode we will be talking about Lab Grown Diamonds. We will be educating you on what they are, what they're made of, and a bit of the process.



Episode 9

[Coming Soon]



Episode 10

[Coming Soon]