The Ring Master - (E.1 Part 1)

Custom Ferris Wheel Engagement Ring for Destination Proposal

"The Ring Master" is the story of the challenges we face at Wedding Bands & Co. in designing and creating the piece of jewelry our customers are looking for. Watch how our chief designer, Koorosh Daneshgar, and his experienced team go through the process and overcome each challenge.


In this episode, Koorosh and his team show you how they set the challenge and tasked themselves to make a customized engagement ring within three weeks for a customer who is going to propose on his and his fiancé's trip to Europe. Watch the whole process of taking a design from concept drawings to 3d printing, from 3d printed models to wax casting, from wax casting to precious metal casting, and ultimately onto engraving a polished diamond setting. Can Koorosh and his team meet the deadline?