Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

 Vintage, the Most Antique Engagement Ring Ever

Just like your love, your ring will remain the same for a whole lifetime, and even more. In Wedding Bands & Co. we offer Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings along with different styles of side stones and several diamond cuts. You can choose whether to use a gemstone or a diamond, you can choose the color of your stone, and whether to have a natural or a lab-grown diamond.  

Morganite, Celtic Rings, and Blue Topaz are available for this style. You can choose from our preset diamonds and shanks, modify them and have your ring in a short amount of time. 

But in Vintage style, there are many possibilities in designing the shank and the gallery. Visit us on Jewelers Row in Chicago. Our Chief Designer Koorosh Daneshgar, one of the best jewelers in Chicago, will assist you through this confusing decision. He will hear you, find out your taste, and design a piece just for you. 

After he finished his sketching, our expert team of craftsmen will start the casting and the CAD design. In all stages, we will check the ring with you and each time you can make any changes you want. Then we make a 3D version of it. Our best jewelers will do the final works of bench jewelry and placing the diamond.   

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