Can Rose Gold Turn Your Finger Black?

Can Rose Gold Turn Your Finger Black?

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on Nov 22nd 2023

Can Rose Gold Turn Your Finger Black?

What is the cause of the discoloration on my finger resulting from wearing a rose gold ring?

The black color on your finger happens when the copper in your rose gold ring reacts with the natural acidity of your skin. Your rose gold wedding or engagement ring turns your finger black because of its special chemical composition.

In this article, we'll share tips on extending the life of your rose gold ring. You will see how to prevent your rose gold engagement or wedding ring from causing your finger to turn green or black.

Keep in mind that white gold is the default image for all the pieces mentioned below. after clicking each product, you can see the rose gold setting too.

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How Do You keep a Rose Gold Ring from Turning Your Finger Black?

Firstly, it's essential to reassure you that if your rose gold ring turns your finger green or black, it doesn't pose any health risks. Setting aside health concerns, it's clear that many of us dislike our fingers turning green or black. So, we look for ways to prevent this color change caused by rose gold wedding or engagement rings.

Reducing Body Acidity with a Healthy Life Style

Eating acidic and processed foods, and not drinking enough water can contribute to increased acidity in your body. Plus, if you're dealing with metabolic or thyroid issues, it might cause the same effect. When your sweaty skin meets the copper in the ring, it can create a black or green mark on your finger.

So, the first step to controlling skin discoloration is to reduce body acidity by having a healthy lifestyle. Avoid processed and acidic foods. If you have a disorder related to your metabolism or thyroid, treat it and drink enough water. Fruit and vegetable fiber are also helpful in reducing body acidity.

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Clear Nail Polish

Another way to tackle this is to keep your rose gold ring from directly touching your skin. To stop the ring from reacting with your body's acid, make sure it doesn't touch the acid directly.

Using clear nail polish is one of the most popular and easiest options to block this chemical reaction pathway. To apply this technique, simply cover the inner surface of the ring (that is in contact with the skin) with colorless nail polish.

Nail polish tends to wear off over time because of friction. Consider wiping away the old coating and reapplying every two or three months. This clear layer always coats the entire inner surface.

This trick doesn't alter the appearance of your wedding or engagement ring. It prevents copper and body acid from reacting with each other. As a result, it stops the ring from turning your finger green or black.

Prevent Chemical Exposure

Another way to prevent issues is to avoid exposing your ring to cosmetics, body lotions, and detergents. The chemicals in these products can often react with the metal of the ring.

Always keep your finger clean and dry to avoid unwanted chemical reactions. Removing your ring when working with detergents, can extend the life of the ring and also prevent hand discoloration.

Does Rose Gold Make a Good Choice for Wedding or Engagement Rings?

Couples for various reasons may prefer Rose Gold Ring for their wedding or engagement rings.

  • Rose gold's unique color is neither as luxurious as yellow gold nor as simple as white gold. So, couples who like a more balanced color choose rose gold.
  • Rose gold is a good option for a vintage setting and ring design with colored diamonds.
  • Rose gold is less expensive than platinum.
  • Rose gold is suitable for all skin colors.
  • Rose gold's durability is also great.
  • People who are allergic to nickel in white gold also prefer rose gold wedding or engagement rings. (Of course, if they are not allergic to copper)

Will 14k Rose Gold Turn My Finger Black or Green?

14k Rose gold ring is less likely to cause hand discoloration than a 10K ring. More K shows more pure gold and less copper. 18k rose gold has 75% gold and 14K rose gold has 58% gold. Usually, the higher rose gold grade, the less likely the color of the skin to turn green or black.

Will Rose Gold Fade?

Rose gold is more durable than white gold and yellow gold. After years of using the ring, it may get a little opaque and lose its luster, or it may look a little red. If such changes occur, you can polish it.

How Do You Clean a Rose Gold Ring?

Two ways to clean a rose gold wedding or engagement ring exist. The first and easiest way is to ask your jeweler to polish and clean your ring with a special tool.

The second way to clean the ring is to do it yourself. Cover the inner surface of a bowl with aluminum foil. In a bowl lined with aluminum foil, mix boiling water with a tablespoon each of salt, baking soda, and dish soap.

Put the Rose Gold Ring into the bowl and wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the dirt to settle in the solution. It might not be visible to the naked eye, but the process is at work. Then remove the ring from the warm water mixture and take a clean cloth and dry it to see how shiny and clean it becomes.

Tips for engagement ring care

Rose Gold Alloy Quality

The type of metal in your rose gold wedding or engagement ring can affect whether it causes skin discoloration. Typically, pure gold is too soft for jewelry, so it's mixed with other metals to make it stronger. The types of metals in this mix can affect the chance of causing skin reactions.

Rose gold gets its color from copper, which may cause reactions on the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies. This reaction might make your skin turn green or black, but it doesn't necessarily mean the quality is bad.

Better-quality rose gold mixes might have less copper or other metals, lowering the chances of causing skin reactions. Plus, some jewelers add a thin layer of rhodium or another protective material to certain jewelry. This coating aims to minimize skin contact with the alloy.

A Reputable Jeweler in Chicago

If you're worried about skin discoloration, consider selecting a reputable jeweler. Ask them about the specific composition of the alloy used in the ring.

Some people opt to have their rings coated with a hypoallergenic material. Choosing this option makes it even less likely for your skin to react. Everyone's reactions are different. So, think about your own skin sensitivity and preferences when picking out a wedding or engagement ring.

When you're on the hunt for the perfect jewelry in Chicago, it's crucial to find a jeweler you can trust. This is especially important if you're worried about how your skin might react.

The type of metal used in your jewelry, like the alloy in rose gold, plays a significant role in how your skin might react. Good jewelers make sure they're using top-notch materials. they also use alloys with less copper delicately to reduce the chance of skin reactions.

A good jeweler not only creates beautiful jewelry but also values keeping your skin comfortable and happy. They prioritize both aesthetics and your skin's well-being.

Since everyone reacts differently, it's a good idea to discuss your concerns with a jeweler you trust. They can guide you in selecting pieces that match your preferences and suit your skin sensitivity.

When exploring jewelry stores in Chicago, take a moment to consider the jeweler's reputation. Don't hesitate to ask them about the specific metals they use in their jewelry. A personalized approach enhances the joy of finding the perfect piece while ensuring it is kind to your skin.

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