What Are Diamond Shapes?

What Are Diamond Shapes?

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on Sep 29th 2020

The Best Diamond Shapes

the best diamond shapes

The "Diamond Shape", not to be confused with diamond cuts, determines the diamond’s appearance. Not only does diamond shape affect the beauty of a diamond, but the best diamond shapes also affect the diamond's valuation. We will provide you a guide about diamond shape in this article.

What is the diamond shape? The diamond shape is the physical form of a diamond. The diamond shape is both effective in light reflection and in the appearance of the color of the diamond. The most popular diamond shapes are:

  1. Round
  2. Cushion
  3. Princess
  4. Asscher
  5. Emerald
  6. Radiant
  7. Pear
  8. Heart
  9. Oval
  10. Marquise

The shape of the diamond has a huge impact on its pricing. The diamond shape is also one of the few diamond features that can be identified even by non-specialists. In this article, we Chicago jewelers will try to explain the potential properties of each diamond shape and introduce the best diamond shapes. Whether you are going to buy a diamond ring with your partner or you want to buy an engagement ring for a surprise proposal, we recommend you to read this diamond shape guide article to become a professional in this field and choose the best diamond shape for your engagement ring easily.

The Best Diamond Shapes:

As I mentioned above, the diamond shape refers to the physical appearance or the physical form of the diamonds. As diamonds can be cut into numerous different shapes, so there is no limit to the diamond shapes.

The diamond shapes include a very wide range such as different polygons, rounds with different radius, short or long, marquise, small or large heart, pear, oval, and even irregular shapes that you may not even have heard of before. However, only a few of those available forms are classified as the best diamond shapes. This classification is because of important factors such as the diamond's appearance, price, ability to sparkle, , able to have a safe setting design in the engagement ring, and so on.

In this diamond shape guideline, I will tell you that what are the 10 best diamond shape names and their main characteristics.

round and cushion diamond

  1. Round

The round shape is the bestselling and the most popular diamond shape in the world. The popularity of the round brilliant shape diamonds is so great that it is estimated that about 50% to 75% of diamonds sold worldwide for the engagement ring has a round shape.

Let’s out some of the features of the round diamond shape to find out why it's popular.

Advantages of the Round Diamond Shape:

  • The first advantage is the unmatched sparkle of the round diamond. Round shape diamonds, because of their comprehensive symmetry, can amplify the reflection of the light from the top surface which is called the table facet. An excellent diamond cut in a round shape diamond will provide great sparkle. In a circular symmetry shape, each diamond facet has a mirror effect on the other facets. This feature helps the light to move through all of the facets and eventually reflect from the top table. This light performance can give an extraordinary sparkle to the round diamond shape.
  • Another feature of the round shape diamond is its variety in size. Qualified round diamonds are always available in a variety of different sizes and carat weights. Round diamonds are usually cut from a single larger diamond and shaped perfectly before becoming 2 beautiful round diamonds.
  • As a result, round diamonds are the traditional and classic choice for engagement rings.
  • Due to the different size variety of the round shape diamond and since it does not overpower the shape of the finger, it can be said that it is suitable for any finger.

Disadvantages of the Round Diamond Shape:

  • You should also note that these features have also increased the price of circular diamonds. Circular diamonds are usually more expensive than other diamond shapes but in the same carat weight.

  1. Cushion

The cushion diamond is the third most popular diamond in the world. Cushion diamond shape has a cut between round and princess diamond shape. In other words, a cushion diamond is a creative combination of the two previous cuts. It has been almost two centuries since this diamond has been introduced to the jewelry market.

The reason for naming this model of the diamond as a cushion shape diamond or as a pillow-cut diamonds is because of its unique appearance. The appearance of the cushion diamond is its round cut corners as well as its square or rectangular shape of the stone.

In describing the popularity of Cushion diamonds, I would point out that about 10% of diamonds sold worldwide belong to this category. But why?

Advantages of the Cushion Diamond Shape:

  • The price of a cushion diamond shape is about 25% less expensive than a round diamond.
  • Rounded corners of cushion diamonds make it an exceptionally durable diamond.
  • The cushion diamond is one of the best choices for a halo setting in the engagement ring because it creates a great illusion of a bigger diamond.

Disadvantages of the Cushion Diamond Shape:

  • Cushion shape diamond has lower clarity because of its large table facet. So if you are going to buy a cushion diamond you should spend more money on choosing a higher degree of clarity. The degree of clarity of such diamonds won’t not be less than SI2.
  • Another cushion cut disadvantage is its negative effect on the color of the diamond. Again if you are going to buy a cushion diamond you should spend more money on choosing a higher degree of color. We recommend that you choose higher than the H grade for the color.
  • Color and clarity are 2 important factors that have a direct effect on evaluating the diamond cost. So if you need to learn more about them you can read this link and learn about different color and clarity grades.


princess cut diamonds

  1. Princess

The next diamond shape name is the princess shape. The princess diamond shape gained significant popularity between the 80's and 90's. But by the year 2015, the princess shape officially became the second most popular diamond shape for the engagement ring in the world. Some sources have said that about 10 to 30% of diamonds sold to make engagement rings have princess diamond shape. Like a round shape, the princess diamond shape has many facets too (it can have up to 76 facets), those facets can bring an extraordinary sparkle. The princess shape has a square look from the top.

Advantages of the Princess Diamond Shape:

  • As I mentioned above, the princess diamond shape is the most favorite non-round diamond shape for the engagement ring. But why? Well, we should consider that the princess diamond shape is a modern alternative to the round cut. So, the princess diamond shape for the engagement ring is the best choice for those couples who love both classic and modern styles.
  • Another important feature of this diamond shape is its availability in a variety of different carat weights. You can buy a beautiful princess diamond in any size that your budget allows you. As we've wrote in this article in this link (https://www.weddingbandscompany.com/blog/is-engagement-ring-really-important/), all girls love to have a diamond engagement ring. Don't worry, though, because you can make her dreams come true because the varieties of different carat weights of the princess cut diamond are available so you can also buy a diamond that fits your budget.
  • The modern and angled appearance of the princess diamond makes it suitable for different finger sizes.
  • Princess diamond shape has a significantly lower price compared with round shape diamond. Usually, princess diamonds cost between 20% to 40% less than round shape diamonds. While its glory and sparkle are the same as a round shape.
  • About 80% of the original stone is used to cut a princess diamond shape, so the diamond shape is more environmentally friendly than the round shape. Much less diamond is wasted in the shaping of the princess cut. That's one of the reasons for its lower price.

Disadvantages of the Princess Diamond Shape:

  • Princess diamond shape is a square shape, so it has 90-degree corners. The sharp points of the princess shape diamond make it more prone to damage. It is important to select a safe and secure setting for engagement ring design with princess diamond shape. Jewelry designers usually use 4 protective prongs to make a safe setting for princess shape diamond on the engagement ring.
  • Corners of the princess diamond shape always show a slight color. If the color degree of the diamond is matters for you, so you should know that the princess diamond shape needs higher color grade to show the same color as round shape diamonds.
  1. Asscher

Asscher diamond shape, which has an almost octagonal appearance, is a combination of the princess and the emerald shape. This cut goes back to the year 1902. This classic diamond shape is converted into a special and personalized engagement ring with a vintage setting.

This diamond shape has stepped cuts and relatively large top facet the same as the emerald shape. Its large facet can harm the clarity of a diamond so a diamond expert must approve its clarity for you.

  1. Emerald

The next popular diamond shape name is emerald. Emerald diamonds usually have an elongated rectangle shape. The chiseled step cuts and beveled corners make the emerald diamond shape distinctive. Cropped corners of the emerald diamond shape protect it from damage and fracture.

Since this diamond cutting technique was first invented to cut the emerald stone, so this diamond shape was named emerald diamond shape. But since it was remarkably similar to other types of diamond shapes, it was not standardized as an independent diamond shape until the year 1940. But then, especially in recent years, it has become one of the most popular shapes of diamonds in the world.

The emerald shape diamonds have large and wide table facet. This feature may affect clarity. That's why this cut is usually made for very high-quality diamonds or for colored gemstones.

Emerald diamonds have become more popular in recent years. Perhaps the emerging popularity of this diamond shape can be due to the growing attention of celebrities to this style.

For example, Beyoncé’s engagement ring, which has long been the subject of paparazzi, is an impressive emerald diamond ring. The engagement ring of this mighty singer is 18 carats in weight and the price is estimated at 5 million dollars.

In the year 2019, another popular singer announced her engagement by posting a photo of her emerald diamond shape ring on Instagram. Alex Rodriguez asked Jennifer Lopez to marry him with a special, unique, and costly emerald diamond ring. When the photo of JLo's Diamond Ring went viral, the Emerald Diamond shape caught everyone's attention once again.

Emerald Diamond Shape

Advantages of the Emerald Diamond Shape:

  • As the surface of the emerald diamond shape is wide, it makes it look larger than its actual carat weight.
  • Emerald diamonds are suitable for short and wide fingers because it makes the finger look thinner and taller by making a visual illusion.
  • Emerald Diamond is suitable for people who like simple and minimal styles.
  • This diamond shape is cheaper than many other popular shapes

Disadvantages of the emerald diamond shape:

  • The emerald diamond shape is glassy and has large table facets so it requires higher standards of clarity.
  • If you are looking for emerald diamonds, you need to consult with a jeweler about the degree of clarity. Authentic jewelers guarantee the quality of diamonds with diamond certification, like our jewelers in Chicago. These certificates provide enough information about clarity, carat weight, color and grade of diamond cut (4Cs factors for evaluating diamond). See the following article for more information about these certificates.


The next popular diamond shape name is the radiant shape. The radiant shape is a combination of round shape and emerald shape that designed in 1977. The name of the radiant diamond shape comes from its unique brilliance, and its dazzling radiation. The 70 facets of the radiant diamond shape, bring a great sparkle, and immense fire for this diamond shape.

The radiant shape gives a modern symmetrical diamond with an extra shine. This diamond shape also has good strength, and if you have an active partner, you can be sure that her radiant diamond ring will not be damaged by her physical activities. I can say that the prominent features of the emerald and round-shape diamond are chosen to design the radiant diamond shape.

If you like the modern, minimalist emerald shape but still you can't ignore the brilliance of the round cut, then the radiant shape is the best choice for your engagement ring.

Advantage of the Radiant Diamond Shape:

  • The radiant diamond looks larger than the actual carat weight due to its specific cuts. This illusion is a positive thing that can make your chosen diamond ring so much more glamorous.
  • Radiant diamond shape has excellent brilliance

Disadvantage of the Radiant Diamond Shape:

  • The GIA doesn’t grade the cut quality of a radiant diamond shape
  • On the one hand, the cut grade is one of the most important factors in diamond pricing, and cut grading is very professional and requires lots of experience. Unfortunately, the GIA does not determine the degree of a radiant diamond shape. As a result, you have to ensure about the quality of cut grade by consulting with a reputable jeweler.

If you live in the area be sure to consult our professional jewelers in Chicago at the Wedding Band Company. The following link will also guide you on where to buy engagement rings. https://www.weddingbandscompany.com/blog/where-should-i-buy-diamond-engagement-ring-in-chicago/

pear shape diamond, custom creation

  1. Pear

The pear diamond shape is also referred to as a drop cut or teardrop diamond shape. The pear tip should usually be toward the heart of the engagement ring's wearer, the specific shape of the pear diamond also allows for a different design by inverting the direction of the diamond.

Advantages of the Pear Diamond Shape:

  • Pear diamond shapes are available in different sizes. Taller pear diamonds make the finger seems elongated and delicate, and the shorter pear diamond makes the finger looks deeper and shorter. If your choice is a pear shape then you can simply design a pear ring to fit your hand size.

Disadvantages of the Pear Diamond Shape:

  • The pointed tip at one end is often subject to injury. The design of the engagement ring setting should protect this sensitive area.
  • Since it is difficult to cut a pear diamond shape, so it is also a little difficult to find an excellent cut grade.

  1. Heart

Heart diamond shape is one of the most popular shapes among romantic couples. The heart that symbolizes love can be a good choice for engagement rings or wedding anniversaries.

Unlike other diamond shapes that account for a significant percentage of the sales market, heart diamond shapes have always had a much lower sales percentage. So if you want to have a very unique and rare engagement ring that also symbolizes your love, the diamond heart is the right choice for you.

To buy a heart diamond shape, you need to consider the GIA standard. The diamond seller must guarantee the quality of the diamond by providing the diamond certifications. But it is important to note that if you choose a diamond smaller than 1-carat weight, you may not be able to recognize its heart shape easily. So it is better to choose stones larger than 5 carats for a heart-shaped engagement ring.

oval diamond

  1. Oval

The next diamond shape name is Oval. The oval shape is very similar to the round shape in terms of sparkle and luminosity. Long, elongated oval makes the finger appear slender, and vice versa.

Advantages of the Oval Diamond Shape:

  • Cheaper than round diamond shape.
  • Oval diamond shapes are resistant to fracture and injury due to the lack of sharp corners.

Disadvantage of the Oval Diamond Shape:

  • GIA does not provide cut grading for oval diamond shape.

  1. Marquise

It is said that the Marquise diamond shape was first made on the order of King Louis XIV to resemble his beloved smile.

Although the Marquise diamond's origin goes back to the simulation of Marquise de Pompadour, the king's lover's smile, about 1 percent of the engagement ring buyers place a smile on their lover's lips by choosing Marquise diamond shape for the engagement ring each year.

Choosing this diamond shape is one of the best tricks to make a diamond look bigger.

which diamond has the most sparkle? lab-created diamonds

What diamond shape has the most sparkle?

Round diamonds are known for their stunning sparkle. That diamond’s sparkle is dependent on several factors. The most important factor is the cut grade. If the diamond has a poor cut grade then it has a significantly lower sparkle. The degree of clarity, the cleanliness of the ring are also effective in the amount of diamond sparkle.

The engagement ring setting should cleverly be designed so that the prongs of the diamond does not block the reflection of the light.

What is the best shape for a diamond?

The answer to this question depends on diamond buyers. The unparalleled variety of diamonds makes it possible for any couple to choose the best diamond shape to suit their taste, culture, style, mood, and budget.

We are not here to encourage everyone to buy a particular form of a diamond by presenting a specific formula, but rather to help you find the best one based on your personality.

Get in touch with our designers and gemologists whether in Chicago or online. The Wedding Band Company personalizes your engagement rings for you.

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What is the difference between diamond cuts and shapes?

A Diamond shape refers to the physical appearance or the physical form of the diamonds while diamond cut is a delicate work of art that by creating the mathematical proportions and the symmetry of the diamond structure, makes the diamond brilliance and sparkle with the help of light reflection. The best way to think about it is like this: The cut of the diamond represents it’s properties, whereas the shape represents its ‘style’.

What diamond shape is the cheapest?

Diamonds are valued based on their color, carat weight, cut grade and clarity rather than being determined by the shape. But if we go beyond the Gemological Institute of America's standards and just look at the diamond shape, I would say that usually, the elongated diamonds are cheaper than the round shape diamond. For example, emerald diamond shapes, radiant diamonds, pears shape, etc. are more affordable than round diamonds. This is because less stone is wasted for cutting these diamond shapes.

What is the most popular diamond shape?

As mentioned earlier in this diamond shape guide, the round shape diamond is the most popular diamond shape and the most sparkly diamond shapes. It is estimated that about 50% to 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide for the engagement ring has a round shape. The round shape is the quintessential diamond shape.

What is the natural shape of a diamond?

The natural shape of diamond are octahedron rough stones. Roughly octagonal stones that are extracted as raw diamonds are cut into standard shapes by experts with the help of special techniques and professional tools. The diamonds we see in the market as precious stones are cut-out hard natural stones.

Natural diamonds are made from pure carbon. Carbon is the hardest known organic material on Earth that has become a diamond after millions of years. Carbon atoms exposed to the extremely high temperature and high pressure, several kilometers under the earth's surface, and turned into rough diamond stones.


In the end, there’s no truly ‘best’ shape of a diamond. Each one has its own unique personality, and more than that, has its own unique style for you. From designs you may come up with for the jewelry, to its importance as an heirloom piece, a diamond is as unique and special as another person you come across. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that rings true for diamonds, too. What’s perfect for you may not be for someone else, and what they love may not be in your taste. So always look for them and see what works for you. You may discover a shape is much different than you would have expected in person. So remember, the best diamond shape and style is for you to decide.

We'll help you to design your dream engagement ring without stress and spending countless hours searching for your perfect ring. All you need to do is click on "Free Consultation" to get started.

natural shape of a diamond

By Koorosh Daneshgar, CEO/ Chief Designe