Princess Cut Diamond Guide

Princess Cut Diamond Guide

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on Mar 15th 2024

Princess Cut Diamond Guide

      Princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond shape in the world. This diamond shape is not only used to make the princess cut engagement ring, but it is also used to design a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In this blog, we provide comprehensive information on princess cut diamonds.

What is a princess cut diamond?

What is a princess cut diamond?

      The princess cut diamond has a square or rectangular shape from the top view. The GIA introduced this shape as a "square modified brilliant" because it has many facets that act as mirrors and can bring an extraordinary sparkle to the princess diamond cut. The princess cut engagement ring is the world's second popular diamond shape for diamond engagement rings.

      GIA does not assign the cut grade of princess cut diamonds. However, you should know the basic information about princess cut if you are willing to buy a princess cut engagement rings. In this blog, we will provide you detailed information about the princess cut diamond to help you make your decision easier.

Princess cut diamond anatomy

Princess cut diamond anatomy

      The princess cut diamond is seen in a square or rectangular shape from the top, and it has a pyramid shape from the bottom. The sharp corners of the princess cut diamond are well known. Special attention should be paid to the design of the princess cut diamond ring because otherwise these pointed corners are always exposed to harm and friction.

     Although the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) does not assign the cut grade of princess cut diamonds, you should know some information about the cut quality. Some of these needed pieces of information are the percentage of the excellent table facet in a princess cut diamond which is between 75 to 66%. The excellent percentage for the depth of the princess cut diamond is also 75 to 66%. The ideal length to width ratio of a rectangular princess cut is between 1.07 to 1.15, and the ideal length to width ratio in the square princess diamond is 1.0 to 1.04.

       Although the GIA does not guarantee the princess diamond cut, it is advisable to read the following article while consulting a reputable jeweler. This article provides detailed information on diamond cutting that can help you in diamond grading.

How many facets are on a princess-cut diamond?

Diamond Facets

      The princess cut can have from 50 to 144 facets. As you know, the facets in different diamond shapes act like mirrors that enhance the reflection of light. The higher the number of facets, the more diamond shines and sparkles.

      The number of facets of a princess diamond depends on the usage of the diamond and the skill of the person who cut the diamond. Generally, diamonds with more facets are used as a central diamond in the princess cut engagement ring (for example, a diamond with 76 or more facets). But if a diamond is used as a side stone on the diamond ring's band, then you can choose diamonds with less luminosity and sparkle (for example, with 50 facets).

       Keep in mind that the only determinant of diamond sparkle is not the number of diamond facets. Other factors such as shape, heart and arrow pattern, cut, etc. are also effective in the diamond sparkle. The following link gives you a detailed overview of the choice of How to choose a sparkly diamond.

Pros and Cons of Princess-Cut Diamonds

Pros and Cons of Princess-Cut Diamonds

       Now let us consider the pros and cons of princess cut diamonds. We compare princess cut diamonds with round diamonds to make it more clear to you.


     Princess cut diamonds are with no doubt less expensive than round diamonds. This is related to their octahedral shape and the process of cutting the rough. While cutting a princess cut diamond, the rough waste is much less than round diamonds. Round-cut diamonds waste more rough, so they cost more than princess cuts. According to this, a 1 ct G color, VS2 clarity, ideal cut princess cut diamond cost 30% less than a round diamond with the same cut, clarity and color.

More information about the clarity and color of the diamond is available in this blog.


      Although princess cut diamonds can show exceptional brilliance and shine, they cannot be better than a round diamond. An ideal cut round diamond has more sparkle of any fancy shaped diamond like princess cut.


     If you compare a princess and round diamond with the same carat weight, you’ll realize that the round diamond will have a slightly larger face-up surface area. However, princess cuts can seem to be larger, because they have large diagonal measurements.  Therefore, you will still be able to buy a larger princess cut than a round cut while staying in your engagement ring budget.


     Since princess-cut diamond have sharp corners, they’re likely to be damaged. The solution is that theor corners should always be protected with prongs in order to reduce the risk of damage to the stone. Round diamonds on the other hand do not have any weak point to cause damage to the stone.

What wedding ring goes with a princess cut engagement ring?

What wedding ring goes with a princess cut engagement ring?

      It depends on the Princess cut engagement ring's design and the customer's taste. Luckily we can make different beautiful and unique princess diamond engagement rings with different designs and settings. For example, if you have chosen a vintage design for a diamond engagement ring with a princess cut diamond, the wedding band also can have the main elements of the engagement ring.

      If you have chosen a colored diamond for the engagement ring, you can also decorate the wedding band with smaller colored diamonds. You can use a curved or simple wedding band, based on the engagement ring design. But I strongly recommend that you get help from a designer or a jewelry company to make your engagement ring and wedding band. In this case, the designer can match your engagement ring and wedding ring perfectly.

Princess cut engagement ring

Princess cut engagement ring

     The princess cut engagement ring is one of the most popular choices among young couples. It is estimated that between 10% to 30% of engagement rings sold annually have a princess cut. The princess cut is both modern and elegant and has the features of the classic traditional diamonds. In other words, the princess diamond shape is as sparkly as a round shape and fortunately, it is less expensive.

      As you know diamonds are the most suitable gemstone for an engagement ring because of their unique brilliance, durability, and hardness compared to all kinds of gems. (If you are interested, read about the reasons for this selection here: The Best Colored Gemstones )

      As the princess cut is available to buyers in a wide range of sizes, it is a good choice for the engagement diamond rings based on any budget. The princess cut can be fit in different types of engagement ring sets. The princess cut is beautiful both as a single central diamond and as a set of several stones on the engagement ring. Some designers even use the princess cut along with other shapes on a diamond ring.



What are the different cuts (shapes) of diamonds?

      The diamond shape is the physical form of a diamond. As diamonds can be cut into numerous different shapes, so there is no limitation about the variety of it. The diamond shapes include a very wide range such as different polygons, rounds with different radius, short or long Marquise, small or large heart, pear, oval, and even irregular shapes that you may not even have heard about the name of them. This link can help you have more information about different diamond shapes .

What are the most popular cuts of diamond?

      The diamond shape refers to the physical appearance of the diamonds. The popular diamond shapes around the world are:

  1. Round
  2. Cushion
  3. Princess
  4. Asscher
  5. Emerald
  6. Radiant
  7. Pear
  8. Heart
  9. Oval
  10. Marquise

Which cut (shape) of diamonds looks the biggest?

    Elongated diamond look bigger than a round cut diamond. As the main part of the carat weight of the elongated diamond is spread over the surface of the diamond, this gives the illusion of more mass and makes the diamond look bigger than the actual size.

      Conversely, in round or square shape diamonds, part of the carat weight of the diamond is hidden beneath the surface or between the prongs. This feature making the diamond crystal appear smaller than its actual size. Some elongated shapes are:

  • Oval shape
  • Emerald cut
  • Pear shape
  • Marquise

If you are more interested in this topic, this blog contains some perfect tips about how to make a diamond look bigger .

Where can I buy an emerald engagement ring in Chicago?

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      If you are looking for a princess cut engagement ring in Chicago, we are proud to serve you. But if you are looking for a diamond ring in another city or country, I recommend you to read the following link that is a guide to choosing the best jewelry.

By: Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Design Chief