What Is a Custom Engagement Ring?

What Is a Custom Engagement Ring?

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on Mar 7th 2024

A custom engagement ring is a truly distinctive jewelry carefully crafted and tailored for a particular couple. This exceptional jewelry holds profound symbolism, representing a heartfelt promise shared between two individuals embarking on the journey of a new life together.

This special creation reflects the couple's love and dedication. It is a meaningful and personalized symbol of their relationship. Every aspect of it represents their love and dedication.

Designing Your Personalized Engagement Ring

Creating your engagement ring at Wedding Bands & Co., one of the top jewelry stores in Chicago begins with a  personalized meeting. First, make an appointment to visit us in our store at 43 E Oak St FL 2, Chicago, IL 60611. Couples meet our jewelry designer, Koorosh Daneshgar, to discuss their design choices, budget, and any special needs.

Our expert designer will work with you to sketch  your desired ring during the meeting. This method lets you design your ring with all the details before we make it.

The personalization journey continues with selecting the type of your perfect diamond. Your special ring deserves a special center stone, like a beautiful diamond and  precious gemstones.

We have many stones to choose from. We will find a  special diamond that amazes you, connects with your emotions, and impresses your friends. Our team will talk with you about choosing stones and selecting the best ones from top sources worldwide.

You can look at many diamonds, all ethically sourced and conflict-free until you find the one that you love. We focus on diamonds graded by  GIA, a leading diamond grading lab. We follow their 4 C's criteria to make sure your diamond is special and matches your ring.

Finalizing the Jewelry by Design

Finalizing the Jewelry by Design

After agreeing on the design, our jeweler artist uses CAD software to create your ring design. The software then generates a realistic preview of the design. Afterwards, Koorosh will quickly send you the render, so you can suggest any changes you think it needs.

After you agree to the design, the designer uses a 3D printer to make a real sample of your ring. Once completed, we invite you to come by our store.

At our shop, you have the opportunity to test out the 3D wax prototype of the ring. You can make changes to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Crafting Your Custom Engagement Ring

Crafting Your Custom Engagement Ring

Only after you are completely happy with the sample, will we proceed to make the final product. Our team starts  crafting your custom engagement ring with the chosen metal type and color.

After  the crafting process, we invite you to try on the ring. Your opinion is important to us, and we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

Having a custom engagement ring is a special and meaningful way for you to start a new life together. It allows you to create a unique and personal ring that symbolizes your love and commitment. Creating a unique ring with our talented jewelers in Chicago IL, Koorosh Daneshgar, is an exciting and enjoyable process. We will give you a unique piece of jewelry you will cherish forever.

The Value of Custom Engagement Rings

The Value of Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement rings allow for unique designs not available in regular jewelry stores, providing a special advantage. This is useful for couples with different preferences or a specific diamond they want in their ring.

Custom jewelry costs more but offers unmatched value. The price of these rings depends on the design, materials, and skill of our jewelry designers. Each element contributes to a unique masterpiece that transcends mass-produced alternatives. However, engagement rings custom can be cheaper than buying multiple pre-made rings that don't match the couple's needs.

Explore Our Jewelry Store in Chicago for Custom Engagement Rings

Enjoy a uniquely tailored experience with us. Wedding Band & Co. has the most skilled jewelers in Illinois.

We offer personalized wedding rings and unique pieces. These objects narrate your tale.

We take pride in our products. Visit us directly, in person. Enjoy, cherish, and trust that the ring you pick from us will symbolize your lifelong commitment.

Discovering Wedding Bands & Co.

Wedding Bands Company, with many experienced custom jewelers in Chicago, has over 25 years of expertise in crafting unique engagement rings. Our team, led by Koorosh Daneshgar, understands the need for unique jewelry not found in regular stores or online.

We provide valuable information about diamonds and clarify  the four Cs: CaratCutColor, and Clarity. Our approach involves using real diamonds and steering clear of relying on sales representatives driven by commissions.

What genuinely distinguishes us is our design procedure. We work together with you to bring your ideas to life, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for you.

We guarantee quality work at a reasonable price, with no compromises. We oversee every stage of the process, from design to printing, casting, setting stones, and inspecting the final product.

We personally craft each ring, without resorting to outsourcing. Every design comes with a one-year warranty, surpassing what competitors provide. We also provide annual maintenance to ensure your ring remains in pristine condition. Begin your journey with us today and discover the uniqueness of designing a genuinely bespoke engagement ring.

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