The 16 Best Places for Proposal in Chicago

The 16 Best Places for Proposal in Chicago

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on Apr 22nd 2020

The 16 Best Places for Proposal in Chicago

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      If you live in Chicago and you thinking about giving your engagement ring to your beloved, for sure you ask yourself, where are the best places to propose in Chicago? Don’t worry! Just join us to find the answer to your question. In this article, we suggest sixteen best places to propose in Chicago.

Where to propose in Chicago? 

      There is a wide range of best places to propose in Chicago but it depends on a couple's style, Chicago's season and weather, Couples' habits and hobbies, your beloved interests or your personality to select the best propose place based on your individual preferences. People’s opinions about the best place for proposing in Chicago are really different and hopefully, Chicago has different available places for each taste. (I really suggest you watch this short video to see the different ideas about where to propose in Chicago: 

      To find your own best place, just consider what makes your beloved happy and then decide where do you prefer to propose? Do you want to kneel in a private and cozy place and show your engagement ring and ask for marriage or you prefer a semi-private place with friends and relatives to express your pure feeling and propose with a diamond ring? Or maybe you prefer to say these romantic words in a public place next to countless tourists and people you never knew. After that, you can choose your own favorite best places to propose in Chicago from our suggested list. You have different opportunities and chances to select a propose place such as modern or classic places, luxury restaurants, nature, museums, private places, Michigan beach or different parks.

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      In this article we will tell you sixteen best places to propose in Chicago and details about each suggested propose places and some Chicago proposal Ideas to help you in this lovely journey. Because we know that proposing marriage is one of the most challenging steps in a relationship. Choosing the right place and putting words together with a diamond ring can turn this challenge into the best and most important romantic memory for the rest of your life.

1. North Avenue Beach

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - North Avenue Beach

      The north avenue beach is the best place to propose in summer. Its unique features make it one of the most romantic places in the city. The beautiful Michigan Lake from the east and Chicago's unique skyline with its tall buildings from the west side of north avenue beach makes this beach so beautiful and unique. Another great feature of the north avenue beach is its length. The long beach allows you to get away from the crowd and get to a private place to express your pure love. When you walk in this sandy long beach, you can find a great time to kneel, show the engagement ring and propose to the one you love.

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - North Avenue Beach

      We suggest you get help from a planner to arrange a romantic picnic on the north avenue beach. By paying about 590 dollars you can ask the planner to decorate and prepare a cozy place on this beach to surprise your love. Another propose Idea is to record those romantic moments by hiring a photographer. Taking photos on the beach especially in golden time is both romantic and memorable. If you need help to find a photographer, again planners can help you. By paying about 575 dollars they will manage the photographer to record the memories of this dreamy day.

2. Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park

      The Alfred Caldwell lily pool is another romantic place in Chicago. The great combination between its nice waterfall and the pool covered by lily flowers and the unique garden around the pool with its stone path makes this place so romantic and full of positive energy. You can dropping to one knee in front of Alfred Caldwell lily pool's waterfall and show the diamond engagement ring to your sweetheart and ask will you marry me?

      The Alfred Caldwell lily pool is created between 1936 and 1938 and listed as a National Historic Landmark on the Chicago National Register of Historic Places. The address of this pool is 125 W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, United States.

      As a Chicago propose Idea, You can coordinate with a planner to arrange a fake walking tour. While you and the tour leader are pretending to visit this hidden garden on a walking tour, your girlfriend will enjoy this tour too and she can't understand that what good things might happen to her on this walking tour. During your walking in this beautiful garden, the tour leader will take nice photos from you and at that very special moment, you make your request. With this idea, you can have great photos of this romantic day and also you can surprise your partner. Coordinating such a fake tour costs about 575 dollars.

3. Navy Pier’s Centennial Wheel

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel

      If you are one of those couples who interested in classic style and of course if you don't have any heart problem, we recommend the Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel to propose. This weal can take you 200 feet above the Chicago and provides you beautiful views of the city and especially the wonders over Lake Michigan. The Navy Pier's Centennial Wheel has seen many love stories throughout its life and you can add another love story to the history of this weal too.

      You can buy a special ticket package in the VIP gondola which has luxury seats, champagne and its glass bottom provide you some unique and unparalleled views of the Chicago, or you can ask a planner to decorate your gondola with romantic ornaments that you want. Just when you're at the top of the Chicago then you can get the engagement diamond ring out of your coat pocket, kneel and propose and hear the sweet sound of yes on the air of the Chicago.

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4. Wrigley Field

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Wrigley Field

      If you are a sports lover couple and if your hobby is to watch baseball so I really recommend you to propose in Wrigley Field. This stadium which is in the north of Chicago can offer you a special suggestion. You can pay 200 dollars and have the name of your beloved and the magic sentence of "will you marry me?" across the screens in Wrigley field. At the moment that the proposed message appears on the screens you should kneel and show the diamond ring you bought with love to your sweetheart.

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Wrigley Field

5. Helicopter Ride

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Helicopter Ride

     The helicopter ride experience is a very different and exciting experience, and if it combined with a romantic proposal and an engagement ring, it will surely become the most memorable experience.

       You can give yourself and your girlfriend this unique experience by paying about $850 to a planner. Then you can watch and enjoy the sights of the city from above. And while you're at the height of Chicago's sky, tell your beloved that you touch the peak of happiness next to her. Give her a beautiful diamond ring and celebrate her agreement with your proposal.

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6. London House hotel

      London House cupola is one of the most famous places for the proposal in Chicago and is located at the 85 E. Wacker Drive at North Michigan Avenue. This luxury hotel has a 360-degree view of Chicago from the 23rd floor and impressive cupola there. They offer a proposal package to their customers. This package includes private use of cupola of the hotel for one hour, as well as a bottle of Dom Pérignon, a flower petal walkway into the private space, and a private dining room in the hotel. Never forget a photographer to record the memories of your romantic day.

      As a propose Idea, You can co-ordinate with a planner to make your proposal extra special by inviting a music band and performing a romantic song. At the end of the musical serenade, you can complete your surprising plan by kneeling and proposing and presenting your beautiful diamond ring to your lover.

The music band will cost about 675$.

7. Private limousine tour

      You can rent a private limousine by pay about 625$ and spend the day with your loved one for sightseeing in the city as a celebrity couple. And then go to a romantic place and show the diamond ring that you have hidden in your pocket and propose.

     You may ask yourself why we talk about diamonds. Experience has shown me that more than 95% of girls love diamond rings. (For more information you can read this blog:  Is Engagement Ring Really Important ) So if you want to look like a celebrity with Luxurious and magnificent limousine in the city, it is better to don't forget about the diamond ring.

8. Cloud Gate

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Cloud Gate

      If you are one of those extrovert people who would prefer to make your proposal in a public place, we suggest you the Cloud gate. This Cloud gate that is located in Millennium Park of Chicago has always been surrounded by many tourists. You can propose in front of countless spectators and put your engagement ring in her hand. Of course, you need to have a photographer around there to capture this glorious moment.

      As a Chicago proposal idea, you can ask a flash mob group to make this experience extra special by paying about 1951$, Or you can arrange a group dance with a group of close friends and relatives and ask her: "do you marry me?" and then give her the Diamond ring.

9. Romantic restaurant, Boka

      If you are searching about the best restaurants to propose in Chicago I have to suggest to you the Boka restaurant that is both romantic and luxury and also, this restaurant has been on Chicago's best restaurants in Michelin Guide's list for many years. You can enjoy romantic moments in this restaurant and finally surprise your loved ones with bouquets and engagement rings. You can see the Boka's menu and contact them from their website.

      Of course, you can propose at any other restaurant that is memorable for you and your partner and also you can check out the Michelin stars in Chicago top restaurants and choose the best restaurant to propose in Chicago based on your personal view.

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10. Lincoln Park Conservatory Show House

      If you are preparing to propose in the winter, we suggest you the grate indoor garden. Yes, our suggestion is Lincoln Park Conservatory Show House. You can stroll through this indoor garden and enjoy its wonderful plants and at a specific moment, you can drop to one knee in front of your sweetheart and surprise her with the engagement ring.The photos you will capture in this glorious garden will be very beautiful and memorable.

11. Horse-drawn carriage

      Another propose Idea in Chicago is to rent a horse-drawn carriage. This Idea is suitable for those who want to have different experiences or for classic style lover couple. You can ride in a horse-drawn carriage for one hour and visit your selected place such as Navy Pier, Lincoln Park, water tower and other places in Chicago. You can propose during you are in the carriage or in any other place that you prefer.

     You can mix this proposal Idea with other mentioned Ideas too and also a photographer and flowers with the romantic diamond ring will help you to make a very special day. This Idea will cost about 449$.

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12. Ping Tom Park

      If you would like to offer in a public place but still not interested to share this romantic moment with lots of tourists around you, I suggest you the Ping Tom Park With located at 1700 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago. This park has beautiful views of the river and the Chicago skyline. Ping Tom Park is a public place that provides you a wonderful semi-private space where you can kneel and propose freely. As always, a diamond ring, rose flowers, and photography complement your choice.

13. Skydeck at Willis Tower

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Skydeck at Willis Tower

      If you are one of those couples who enjoy the excitement and high level of adrenaline so Skydeck at Willis Tower is the best choice for you. The glass box extending 4.3 feet from the building on the 103rd-floor is an exciting and romantic place above the Chicago’s skyline to propose. Your photos in this glass box with views of the tall buildings and the sky of Chicago will look awesome.

14. Buckingham Fountain

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Buckingham Fountain

        Buckingham Fountain is a nice propose place in Chicago that is located in the center of Grant Park. The combination of water, light, and music offers a wonderful display. When your girlfriend is watching that you will have enough time to kneel and get her attention and propose. The best time for propose in this place is between May to October.

15. Signature Room

Best Places to Propose in Chicago - Signature Room

      The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center is one of the most romantic places in Chicago. While Chicago is under your feet, you can enjoy your delicious dinner, dessert, and drink. In this romantic atmosphere you can make your proposal with the diamond ring.

16. Your private place

      Our last suggestion is to use your private place. It doesn't matter where you live in Chicago. Be a little creative and achieve your dream.

      As some propose Idea, You can decorate your room with roses and candles. Or you can arrange a small party and finally surprise her with a diamond ring in front of the guests. Or even in the snowy weather, you can write "will You Marrying Me" on the snow in front of the window of her room and ask her to come close to the window.

     That was our sixteen best places to propose in Chicago. soon after you receive her agreement, you will think about how to plan the engagement party. Don't worry, we have a engagement party guideline for  planning an engagement party

What should I bring to a proposal?

      The most important factor is the engagement ring, you should also prepare the text of your speech. You need a fully charged cell phone to handle the experimented events and also share the good news of her agreement by calling to your family or post on social media. Camera or photographer can make this day memorable. Girls love flowers so it is better to bring roses for her. You might want to celebrate this romantic event of your life so you can bring your favorite drink too. Music can make the atmosphere more romantic. So if you are in a place that you can play music so be sure to select a suitable playlist and also don't forget to bring a speaker or music player.

Which knee do you kneel on when proposing?

      Your left knee would be on the ground and your right knee would be up. You should take the ring box with your left hand and open the box with the right hand. Pay attention that you should not to kneel and propose on both knees.

      When you want to propose, you may prefer to think about expressing your pure love rather than just thinking about which knee should be on the floor and which should be up and conclude that it is unnecessary to know these cumbersome customs at this moment. But in fact, thinking about kneeling is necessary because kneeling is a sign of humility and respect.

      so Just practice kneeling a few times by yourself and then give the Diamond ring to your lover as a humble gentleman by kneeling.

When proposing what finger does it go on?

      The right answer depends on the different customs, country, and religion that each of them may have their own rules to wearing the engagement ring. But totally in the American culture, couples wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. Even we call this finger as the "ring finger".

      There is a story goes back to ancient Egyptians about the history of the left fourth finger and engagement ring. Ancient Egyptians believed that there was a direct vein called "vein of love" that ran from ring finger to the heart. Although science denies the existence of such a vein, still it is a popular finger for the engagement ring.

If you still need more information on this topic and want to know more about the engagement ring in different cultures and its history, check out this blog:  Which Finger Do You Wear an Engagement Ring?

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Why should I come to you to design my ring?

      We involve you in every step of the process. At first, we will sit next to you and go over any concerns you have and any specific design elements you mind the ring to have. Once we have established exactly how you want the ring looks like, we will proceed with the design process. Once you see this design, if you want to make any change or if you have any questions or concerns we will be happy to address them for you. Our role is to help you to create the perfect ring and that means we will listen to you and make sure that your ring is indeed one of a kind.

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