What Is the Emerald Cut Diamond

What Is the Emerald Cut Diamond

Posted by Koorosh Daneshgar on Feb 22nd 2021

What Is the Emerald Cut Diamond?

What Is the Emerald Cut Diamond?

      When you are trying to buy an engagement ring you need enough information about different shapes of diamond. The emerald cut diamond is one of the best diamond shapes that can make your partner very happy. In this article, more details about the Emerald diamond ring will be introduced to you.

What is the emerald cut diamond?

     Emerald cut diamond usually has an elongated rectangle shape. The chiseled step cuts and beveled corners make the emerald diamond shape distinctive. The emerald-cut engagement rings look bigger than their actual size.

     These days emerald cut engagement rings have become very popular. You might also like to have a beautiful emerald diamond ring for yourself or your lover. In this article, we will try to help you find your favorite diamond ring more easily by highlighting the important features of the emerald cut diamond.

Is emerald-cut diamond good?

      The emerald cut diamond is one of the 10 most popular diamond cuts in the world. But if we want to determine whether an emerald cut is a good choice or not, I have to say it depends on the quality of the diamond. By considering the GIA factors to estimate diamond quality, we should note that it is the cut, carat weight, clarity, and color of the diamond that confirm or deny the worth of the emerald cut diamond.

     On the other hand, as you know, the setting of the emerald cut engagement ring also has a significant effect on the emerald diamond ring's appearance. A well-designed emerald diamond ring can multiply the diamond's sparkle. In this case, you can say that this emerald cut diamond is good.

     It is important to note that emerald cut diamonds also have unique characteristics that make many customers believe that the emerald cut is a good choice, especially for a diamond engagement ring. For example, the emerald cut diamond looks larger than its actual carat weight due to its elongated appearance. Elongated diamonds are usually more sparkly and luxurious than small diamonds. It also makes the finger look longer and more delicate than its real size.

       Although most emerald cut diamonds are rectangular, some are square too. This variety allows jewelry designers to implement a variety of designs for an emerald cut engagement ring. This feature is important to many couples because they can have their own fully personalized unique diamond ring.

      If you are also interested in having a personalized engagement ring then I recommend reading this link to see how you can choose a unique and personalized diamond ring design .

      Another great feature of the emerald cut is that although it is scarce, it is also less expensive than other diamond shapes such as Princess and round diamond. As a result, there is a good opportunity for couples to have a rare stunning diamond ring at a lower cost.

What is the best emerald cut diamond?

What is the best emerald cut diamond?

     As I mentioned before, to determining the best diamond cut we should consider the 4Cs factors that are introduced by the GIA to evaluating the diamonds. Those factors are cut grade, carat weight, clarity, and the color of the diamond.

      As I mentioned before, we should consider the 4Cs factors that are introduced by the GIA to evaluate a diamond's quality for determining the best diamond cut. Those factors are 1) cut grade, 2) carat weight, 3) clarity, and 4) the color of the diamond. There is no exception about the emerald cut diamonds. It means that special consideration of those 4Cs factors should be given to evaluation of the emerald cut quality.

  • The cut grade of the emerald diamond

      Although the GIA, unfortunately, does not sign the quality of the fancy diamond shapes, such as the emerald cut, the jewelers have defined a general standard for the emerald cut diamond, which gives the emerald cut the most sparkle.

      As you probably know, a natural diamond is a piece of hard and rough stone that must be cut by diamond cutters. The diamond cutters can cut this stone in a symmetrical shape by using mathematical formulas and special tools to reflect light and show its extraordinary brilliance.

     Yes, the dance of light emitted by diamonds is due to the artistic cutting of specialists who make the diamonds perfectly symmetrical and in mathematical proportions. These facets act as mirrors and reflect the light received by the diamond.

In the following table, you can see the standard of the proportion of facets in the emerald cut diamond:

excellent Very good good Fair Poor
Table % 61-69 57-60 or 70-72 54-56 or 73-74 51-53 or 75-79 <51 or >79
Depth % 61-67 59-60.9 or 67.1-70 57-58.9 or 70.1-74 54-56.9 or 74.1-79 <54 or >79
Cutlet None Very Small Small Medium >Medium
Length/Width Ratio 1.40-1.50 1.30-1.39 or 1.51-1.60 1.20-1.29 or 1.61-1.80 1.15-1.19 or 1.81-1.90 <1.15 or >1.90

       As you can see, the cut grade of diamonds is a very important parameter that has a significant effect on the price, sparkle, and magnificence of the diamonds. If you want to purchase an emerald cut diamond, I suggest you to check the link and learn more about the diamond cuts.

  • The carat weight of emerald cut

     It is clear that the higher the carat weight of an emerald cut diamond is, the better and more expensive the diamond would be. However, carat weight is only one of the parameters that determine the quality of a diamond.

      Fortunately, emerald cut diamonds, give the illusion of a larger diamond than its actual carat weight because of their elongated shape. In this case, by choosing an emerald cut engagement ring, you do not have to pay much to buy a high carat weight.

  • The clarity of the emerald cut diamond

      The clarity of diamond shows that how much inclusion is in a diamond stone. The GIA suggested clarity grade as the following rate:

IF: Internally Flawless

VVS1: Very very Small Inclusions 1

VVS2: Very very Small Inclusions 2

VS1: Very Small Inclusions 1

VS2: Very Small Inclusions 2

SI1: Small Inclusions 1

SI2: Small Inclusions 2

I1: Inclusions 1

I2: Inclusions 2

      The Emerald Cut diamond, with its chiseled step cuts, is not as bright as other diamond shapes. On the one hand, the crown and the pavilion of the emerald cut diamond are comparatively shallow.

      On the other hand, the emerald shape diamonds have a large and wide table facet. So even small defects and blemishes on the stone can be completely visible. This feature may affect the clarity of an emerald diamond shape. That's why this cut is usually made for very high-quality diamonds or colored gemstones.

      Based on those features, we recommend a VS2 Clarity for the emerald cut. Step cuts are not brilliant, so SI2 and SI1 clarity grades are generally not recommended for an emerald cut. Unless a reputable jeweler guarantees its clarity.

  • The color of emerald cut

     Since the large table and step cuts of emerald diamonds retain more color than other Diamond Shapes, the natural color of the stone can be visible with the naked eye in an emerald cut. In other words, even if you choose diamonds with a high degree of color, you may still see a hint of natural yellow color on them. For this reason, if you want to buy an emerald cut engagement ring, we usually recommend not paying too much for a higher color grade. In fact, with the naked eye, there is not much difference between the color with G and I grade. To find more information about the color and clarity of a diamond, I recommend you check this link.

Is an emerald-cut diamond more expensive?

Is an emerald-cut diamond more expensive?

     The emerald cut diamond is less expensive than round diamonds. Although emerald cuts are rarer than round cuts, if you are planning to buy an emerald cut engagement ring, let me tell you this good news that you can pay between 15% to 25% less than round shape diamonds with the same features.

     Diamond cutting techniques play an important role in evaluating the diamond's price. Only a few parts of the natural rough stone will be waste to make an emerald cut diamond, while most of the primary rough stone will be discarded to obtain the round shape diamond. So we will see this significant difference between their prices.

      However, Keep in mind that the price of a diamond depends on many factors, including carat weight, cut, color, clarity, shape, and even the country that manufactured the diamond.

How much is a 1 carat emerald-cut diamond?

       Although the carat weight of a diamond is very important in determining its value, it should be noted that the price of the diamond is also dependent on its cut grade, clarity, and color. As an average, it can be estimated that the price of a 1-carat Emerald diamond is between $1,400 to $6,000. To estimating the final price of an emerald cut engagement ring, we should also consider the engagement ring design, its settings, and ring material.

Do emerald cut diamonds sparkle?

Do emerald cut diamonds sparkle?

      Being sparkly is a potential characteristic of all diamonds. But the emerald cut is not as sparkly as other diamond shapes such as round, princess, and oval. In other words, the emerald cut has a more subtle sparkle. Diamond cutting is effective in increasing or decreasing its brightness. So with the right choice, you can buy a relatively brighter emerald cut ring.

Do emerald-cut diamonds look bigger?

      The emerald cut ring looks bigger due to its elongated shape. As a large portion of the emerald cut’s carat weight is visible on the diamond's surface, so when you look at the larger surface of a diamond on the emerald cut engagement ring, the illusion of a larger diamond appears.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings

     An emerald cut is a stylish and minimal choice for a diamond ring. The emerald cut was introduced as an independent diamond shape in 1940 and has attracted many fans. Remember that choosing an engagement ring is a lifelong and perhaps the most romantic purchase of your life. Therefore, if you like the emerald cut diamond ring, then be sure to ask a jewelry designer to design the right engagement ring for you. The emerald cut has durable corners that hit and pressure cannot break it. The engagement ring also shows your finger more delicate and elongated.

What wedding band goes with an emerald cut?

     Choosing a wedding band and engagement ring depends entirely on your preferences, tastes, and culture. Fortunately, the emerald cut, which is available in both rectangular and square form, can provide a wide range of diamond ring designs. For example, if you choose a small emerald cut you can put it on a ring with three-stone settings. On the other hand, if you choose a large diamond you can have a single central diamond setting.

       This is also for the wedding band. You can have a variety of wedding band choices depending on the design and settings of your engagement ring as well as your taste.

       My only advice to you is to try as much as possible to get the same jewelry designer to order your engagement ring and wedding band. The jewelry designer's ideas bring you closer to having perfectly matched rings. This link also helps you get to know the different styles of engagement rings.


What is the most expensive cut for diamond?

      Round diamonds are usually more expensive than other diamond shapes but in the same carat weight. The main reason for this difference is the cutting process. The cutters have to discard more amount of a diamond to cut a round-shaped diamond, while in cutting other diamond shapes, only a few amount of valuable rough natural diamond will be lost.

Which diamond cut has the most sparkle?

     Round diamonds are known for their stunning sparkle. But we have to know that the diamond's sparkle depends on several other factors too. The most important factor is the cut grade. Even if the round diamond has a poor cut grade, it will have a significantly lower sparkle.

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By: Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Design Chief